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Fleuresque Design is a floral company providing creative fresh floral designs for weddings in New York City. We take an artistic approach to each piece we arrange, using each petal as a stroke of paint in a greater picture.

We believe floristry is an art that conveys a mood and story. We meticulously work to transform venues into a vibrant canvas of flowers while striving to remain true to the essence and personality of the lovebirds. Whether creating an autumnal bundle of deep reds and golden accents or a bright bouquet of vivid yellow and pink, each piece tells a tale.

Our floral experts can create a variety of lavish designs that range from classic, Rustic, to glamorous aesthetics. The flowering designs span from Bouquets to table arrangements and installs. With each piece of decor, we vow to weave a sense of class and luxury to match the special occasion.




What we believe


At Fleuresque Design we believe that floristry is an art, it tells a story. Each event is our canvas; painting beautiful floral arrangements utilizing fresh flowers and capturing the style of our clients. We vow to marry luxury and artistry with the allure of flowers. Every Bride and Groom's love story is unique; As should be your Wedding Day. Rather than ink, we are going to use flowers to tell your love story. 



Let the Floral Storytelling begin.

Let's be friends

Follow along with all the behind-the-scenes adventures as we bring beautiful weddings to life with flowers.

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